Dear California,

I love you.

Golden Gate, just fyi.

I’ve been making the most out of my weekends here bouncing around town with my hair all in my face, and my homegirl by my side.

So, she wins the award for prettiest eyes ever.

We went to the North Beach Festival this weekend, and to be honest, it was awesome and all, but after about an hour it just got old. Know what I mean?

The food was magnificent, though – wassup Cajun shenanigans!

Red beans & rice with spicy buttered shrimp.

I seriously thought I’d need a fire extinguisher for my entire face after I finished that.

Do not put hot sauce on something that is already hot. That goes for food and men, by the way.

What’s your favorite spice or hot sauce?

I’m a Pete’s girl all the way 😉 But any hot sauce will do, really.

Forgive me, I forget their name.

After melting my face and listening to mystery band above for a while, we headed to the marina where my face was successfully extinguished by the wind.

Would it be illegal for me to steal one of these?

Froyo also helped make the day even more beautiful than the picture above. I was totally craving chocolate – which hardly ever happens, so I know that needed to be fixed ASAP. And my ASAP, I mean we found the nearest froyo place and  devoured.

It rocked.

Chocolate craving averted. Done and done.

 Therese was telling me about this sweet hot dog shop,  but we passed – maybe next time? Apparently they sell organic, grass fed all-beef hot dogs. Sounds amazing, right?! Not something you’d find in Maryland 😉 fo sho.

What’s your favorite summery food?

This took me all of 39 seconds to eat.

I LOVE froyo with fruit toppings, and chocolate chips when I’m in the mood. The blueberries at this place were HUGE. Success.

We also stepped into a SWEET cupcake shop.

Unfortunately, no gluten free goodies for me. Although my belly did not need anymore food after the Cajun and froyo fest it was already digesting. Mmm that sounds cute.

Anywho, we made our way around, and ended up at…can you guess?


Hair was outta control after that wind.

Iced coffee sounded too good to pass up, you know? Also, putting my hair up did too, after all that wind and shenanigans, I was so happy I grabbed a hair tie off of my vanity before I left.

We ended our weekend with a few hours of maxin and relaxin in Starbucks, and a long busride back into the city. I definitely got my cardio fix for a week prettymuch. Haha, although liftng some weights sounds pretty darn good right about now. Tonight, maybe?

What’s your favorite strength training routine?

Now I’ve gotta head to work and hope that this weather stays gorgeous.



Stay classy, San Diego Francisco.

Peace and love!




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38 responses to “Dear California,

  1. OK, so you’re having a great time in SF…wow…and now you’re showing me those wonderful froyo’s too? Trying to make me jealous here? It works!;)

    You deserve it girl!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  2. Mmm I love frozen yogurt and ice cream in the summer (well, really any time of year!!)

    For strength training I like doing a full body workout covering the major muscle groups. I typically will do 5-6 exercises TOTAL for the workout such as push ups, squats, lat pull downs, overhead shoulder press, and lunges.

  3. Super cute blog- just happened to stumble upon it. Love it 🙂
    I’m RIGHT there with ya- about the froyo- sooooo good.
    Such cute pictures- you have a beautiful smile!
    As for strength training- I have a ton that I like. I really like working bi’s & tri’s right now. I always feel strong whenever I finish.

  4. Favorite summery food would be either nice, cold watermelon or cappuccino chocolate chunk ice cream from our local ice cream shop!

  5. teenagehealthfreak

    looks like fun!! fresh veggies/watermelon/berries are my summer-time fave foods!!!

  6. Glad to hear you are having a lovely time, you look really really per usual , eh!

    I think my favourite summery food would have to be …ICE CREAM!!!

  7. Hey gorgeous. What a beautiful day out there! I LOVE cajun food. Soooo many falvors. Jambalaya is amazing!! I love hot foods so yes, sometimes I do top it with more hot sauce 🙂

  8. If we’re giving out awards, you get the prize for being the most beautiful and amazing thing that has ever happened to me 🙂

    p.s. froyo = love ❤

  9. Omg super jealous of you meg!!

  10. ive been to the north beach festival a couple times – i love that area! its so cute with its sidewalk cafes and old italian men =)

    i like cayenne pepper but i can’t take TOO much of it.. i love wasabi though – different kind of spicy .. more of a nasal kick which i do like.

    favorite summery food is definitely melons!!! and all summer fruit i guess haha

    glad youre enjoying california!!!!! california is my first love =)

  11. During summer, I just crave fruit and iced coffee. A new fro yo shop has opened near me, and it’s quickly becoming my new favorite place to treat myself. This looks like the perfect Cali kind of day. Your summer seems pretty wonderful!

  12. I’m more of a Tabasco girl but any hot sauce can get the job done. San Fran looks gorg but you look even gorger!! Glad you’re enjoying your Cali adventure 🙂

  13. You. are. so. cute. It’s kind of ridiculous, haha! Frozen yogurt and shrimp? That’s my kind of meal!
    ❤ jess

  14. I am still so jealous of your time in Cali, but I
    am super glad you share your adventures! That Cajun
    food looks amazing–I am a huge fan of Frank’s Red Hot.

  15. Yay for SF! I’m jealous but I love how you share tidbits of life with us. There were at least three questions in there… Umm hot sauce: I looooove Sriracha. What can I say, I’m Asian! (though I can’t find it in Asia anywhere. I think Asian-American would be the way to describe Sriracha.) My favourite summertime snack would be melon. Watermelon! So delicious cold. And popsicles! 😀 And strength training: Merh, I don’t exercise much but I would say the 30 Day Shred? It’s more a strength workout than cardio, really… I’m not sure 😛

    You’re so gorgeous 😉


  16. You should check out Ike’s Place on Prosper and Sanchez while you’re in SF. Amazing sandwiches.

  17. Andrea

    I love fresh summer salads! couscous salad and caprese pasta salad are on the top of my list right now!

    P.S -you are gorgeous!

  18. Girl I love SF! I wish i could live there but it’s too cold for me year round, San Diego is more my scene 🙂

    Thank you for the sweetest comment you just left me!

    And I love Marin Co., Sausalito, Marin & Sonoma..the whole bay area is just glorious! A truly amazing place!

  19. Aww, I used to live in SF and I just love it up there! I was actually there about a week ago visiting. Hope you had a great time!

  20. maxinthegym

    I’m heading to SF in about 3 weeks! So excited now that I’ve read all your lovely posts about it 😀

  21. I love SF, I visited there a couple of summers ago. I think my favorite summer food is ice cream – that counts, right : )
    As for strength training.. hmm I do it, but its always kind of random and not a routine. I did start the 30 day shred today though!!

  22. Spicy food, fro yo and iced coffee? Not to mention SF. Sound like you had a perfect day!

    I like Louisiana hot sauce because it has a bit more vinegar than some of the other brands.

  23. I agree, you wouldn’t find organic, grass-fed all-beef hot dogs anywhere in MD, DC or VA. It was hard enough to find cage-free eggs in VA, but one of the doctors I work with has a few chickens. It’s nice to know that the hens who give me eggs have names and free roam. I even have a picture of them!

  24. I love CA, too! Gorgeous! And the weather…sigh!

    Hot sauce: Franks!
    Summery food: fruit salad and burgers on the grill!
    Strength training: 30 Day Shred!

  25. Stop being so beautiful!! I’m majorly jealous 🙂

    Favorite hot sauce/spice: cayenne!!
    Summery food: salads
    Strength training: don’t get me started 😉

  26. Ah, so you’re in CA! My favorite state! 😀

    The weather seems gorgeous…but you are so much more gorgeous, too! I love your happy smile and enthusiasm.

    Favorite summer food= McD’s soft-serve ice-cream!
    And any hot sauce would do so long as it’s hot and spicy!

  27. i love yogurt and berries or just plain fresh fruit – those are my fav summer foods.

    you and ur friend are gorgeous! i cant wait till i move to cali next year! this is getting me MORE excited!


  28. Frozen yogurt is the best! Have you tried Pinkberry yet? we just went there and it was the best 🙂 San Francisco looks dreamy!!!

  29. I eat froyo SOOOOO fast. So much faster than anyone else. It’s sort of embarrassing when I am done and whoever I am with is only 1/3 of the way through…and I had the bigger size 🙂

  30. I just found your blog and love it! I love Cali too!

  31. Hey I just found your blog! You are one GORGEOUS girl!

    Who doesn’t love fro-yo on a hot summer day? Actually I eat fro-yo in winter too ;-). Yup they’re that yummy to me!

  32. Meg

    I ended up commenting after you on Girl Meets Health and decided to hop over and say hi! Glad you are enjoying a little west coast time. That church is beautiful!

  33. i love california, too!

  34. so glad to hear that you are loving life in cali!! you must get the best fro yo all the time 🙂 so jealous!!

  35. I’ve never been to California, but your pictures make it look awesome!!

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  37. I LOOOOOOOVE FRO YO! Do you guys have Menchi’s in Cali?

  38. glad you had fun. i was at the north beach festival too! and tuttimelon froyo is awesome…i’ve got to go back there soon.

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