Workin’ on ma fitness!

Before I say anything else…I have a confession.

I have a gum problem. I have not had gum in THREE DAYS. That’s a BIG deal for me, guys! Let’s see how long I can last. Already kicked the diet soda habit (ok, ok fine…I have one like every month).

Anyways, onward. Can I just confess (another confession?) my love and absolute adoration for the beautiful weather out here? It’s awesome – I can’t say I miss the 95 degree heat back home, I’d rather it be sunny and 75, like it is for the most part here.


 Apparently “summer” comes in October in North Cali? Perhaps. I’m not complaining. Although, it does make rolling out bed a little more difficult when it’s REALLY cold from the night hours. Warming up to a bowl of oats helps, though 😉

Oats with berries and almond butter!

I love walking to the bus stop in the morning and passing all of the dogs on walks, it’s so cute! Although it definitely makes me miss my dog (are you sick of me mentioning how much I miss her? thought so.)

At work I got to design a postcard! I’ve gotta adjust some stuff, but this is what I have thus far:

Note the 18 rabbits on the top & bottom.

Oh, are you also sick of me mentioning how much I love my job? Probably so. I am really, really blessed with such an opportunity though. Unfortunately I wish I could eat at the Whole Foods down the street everyday, buuuut my wallet wouldn’t like that very much. So I pack boring lunches with TJ’s Corn Tortillas and a can of salmon. Oh, also – this is the SMELLIEST LUNCH EVER!

Corn tortillas smell like B.O. by the way. And salmon...well, it's fish.

No wonder no one sits next to me on the bus ride home until there’s absolutely no seats left 😉

Yog mess!

Shenanigans with a crumbled 18 Rabbits bar and Justin’s almond butter. Perfection.

By the way, all who entered the Facebook 18 Rabbits giveaway – and emailed us your address, we packed up the bars for shipping today 🙂 If you were one of the winners and got notified via Facebook, send us your address if you haven’t already, or you won’t be getting yo’ freebie 😉 (note: the contest is now closed, just fyi)

So, in my last post I mentioned talking about my workout routine. So here it goes 🙂

I focus more on strength training more than cardio. I spin once or twice a week, and walking around San Fran is more than enough cardio for this chicka. I strength train 2-3 times a week, or whenever I feel like it, really. I really love pilates as well – it’s an awesome stress reliever, and when I’m feeling pretty shitty about my body (don’t we all somedays?) pilates is such an awesome way to get it all out.

For strength training, I usually do 2-3 sets of 15 reps for my abs, arms and legs (rarely legs, though) I just can’t get excited about working out my legs…haha. My workouts range from 20-40 minutes, and I usually only sweat during spin class. Holla. Can’t garauntee I don’t still stank though 😉

Some of my favorite ab moves are:

Medicine ball leg raise

Reverse crunches (I feel like a turtle upsidedown when I do these)

Stability ball shenanigans

Weighted stability ball crunch

Planks (we all know what those are, right?)

Bicycle crunches

and my personal favorite: I like to call it the humpty-dumpty. Expect stares if you do this in public, it’s vulgar.

My arm exercises really vary, and I just play around with the equipment for 2-3 sets of 15 reps, and I also like to use 12-15lb hand weights, or whatever I’m feelin. Nothing too special at all, and I’m definitely no pro at lifting, but I do what I can 🙂

Exercise really shows me how blessed I am to have a body that’s so capable of doing the things it does. I’ve noticed an increase in the weights I’m able to lift, and I love it! Keeps me motivated, even though I’m still tiny, I’m hoping to gain a bit of muscle + fat. Wish me luck!

What’s your favorite ab/arm/leg move?

Do you take any classes at your gym?

If you have any questions – shoot em’ out.

Alright guys, hope ya’ll are having a fantastic night, and I’ll catch ya soon 😀 BUT before I go, check out my niece, she is possibly the most adorable baby ever. Her name is Mia and she is fantastic, I cannot wait to meet her when I get back to Maryland 🙂

Meet Mia!

Peace and love!


p.s. Check out Averie’s Bora Bora bar giveaway – SO many cool ways to enter 🙂



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24 responses to “Workin’ on ma fitness!

  1. i liek to create my own workouts hehe. i really need to put fun names on them tho. basically one of my favorite is doing a back leg lift while ur in tabletop pose…. but that wasent my invention unfortunately 😦 lol

    cutest freaking baby ever!! omg ❤

  2. Okay, this post is seriously FANTASTIC. I LOVED reading it 🙂

    A few things:
    1. I HATE it when I have no gum.
    2. What is the green on the spoon in the oats pic?
    3. AMAZIN’ postcard ❤
    4. Love your workout schedule! I love planks and medicine ball russian twists!
    5. One of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen!

    ❤ jess

  3. teenagehealthfreak

    Ha..that salmon thing is funny…don’t feel bad…that’s like me with my sardines when I pack them to work!!! And your niece is soooo cute!!! 🙂

  4. squigglefloey

    Hi Meg 🙂 I just found your blog and it’s adorable! Muy bueno! high 5 for hard working college students haha.
    Btw, WOW on kicking the diet soda habit. I’m so addicted to those bubbles. How’d you do it??
    And very impressive on the gum thing as well. Habits are super hard to kick- esp. food ones!

    ❤ floey.

  5. I actually really like the smell of salmon… I mean, not the fishy smell, but I love fish! Wait… that made no sense, but it looks delicious 😀

    I like your workout. How did you come up with it? I’m hoping to gain a bit of muscle too, but I have like NO equipment (seriously, I do just bodyweight exercises and freeweight… with dictionaries. No joke.) and there is NO gym near my house! D:

    Your niece is so cute! XD


  6. So proud of how you’re doing in that new city with new work and new people, you rock it:)

    And…do you know if that wonderful brand you work for is thinking about maybe coming to Europe?;)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  7. I love all those ab workouts! One of my favorite moves is raised-leg crunches…just a crunch with your feet bent up like you’re sitting in a chair. Feel the burn!

  8. I just finished a bowl of oats with berries and almond butter. Mmm.

    I love to do bicep curls/tricep extensions because I can always notice a huge difference if I stick with it. I also like crunches on my exercise ball, but I refuse to do them on the floor 😛
    Unfortunately, I’m not exactly ‘strong’ (yet) I’ve been using 2-4 pound weights because I got some major muscle repair to do!

    ❤ Tat

  9. Are you a graphic designer?! That’s so awesome – I love graphic design but haven’t done much in a year or two.
    And the weather certainly does look gorgeous. Sunny and 75 is perfect 🙂

  10. I’m a gumaholic too–but if you can kick the habit, maybe it’s time I try too!!

  11. If I had a job like yours I’d keep talking about it. I mean, San Francisco? Awesome.

    I prefer strength training over cardio too. Last semester I was able to take a Pilates class for a little bit of credit and it was fun.

  12. Haha, little Mia is freakin’ adorable!!

    I have a gum addiction too! Well…I used to. I would chew over a pack a day! I was like a chain-chewer, haha. I just recently got over my addiction, and now I only chew one piece while I workout…and it’s saving me money, that’s for sure 😉

    My favorite ab move: hanging leg raises and pikes!

    Arm move: push-press

    Leg move: squat!

    I don’t take any classes at my gym…I’m a lone trainer 😉

  13. heck, Im sure walking around San franscisco is leg workout enough! all those hills! 🙂

  14. dmcgirl37

    I love the 18 rabits card! Where do you work? Im finishing up school for graphic design in a few months 🙂

    Dana ❤

  15. Adorable baby! 🙂

    Good for you for trying to stop the gum habit. I did a while back and quit cold turkey! I was chewing at least a pack a day, but it gave me HORRIBLE stomach pains. I don’t chew any gum any more (once in a while I’ll chew ONE piece a day if someone offers me some…not a whole pack haha!)

    My favorite upper body move are push ups! Legs would have to be walking lunges…actually it’s a love-hate thing with those! haha

  16. Mia is ADORABLE! And I love that postcard you designed. I kicked diet soda too but can’t give up my gum just yet! My favorite classes at the gym are definitely spin, yoga, and body pump.

  17. gum is not a bad habit (coming from the girl who goes through a pack in 3 days)

  18. Ashlei

    I miss taking spinning classes at the gym! None of them fit into my summer work schedule though 😦 I feel like an upside down turtle doing reverse crunches too! I used to do lots of strength training and now I’m cutting it down a little and focusing on my running. 🙂

  19. I’m a total Orbit addict myself. During exams I probably went through a pack a day. When it got to the point where I was always chewing something I knew it was a problem. Now I’m slowly weaning myself off of it, but man, do I miss my wintermint stash!

  20. San Fran looks like such a nice city!! Sunny and 75 is PERFECT weather! Your postcard looks fabulous – nice job!!

    My heart just melted seeing your niece’s picture! She is adorable!!

  21. Thank you SO much for introducing me to 18 Rabbits bars! They’re really tasty and the brand is so cute 🙂

    Haha corn tortillas do smell kinda funky. Especially right after you microwave them if you want to heat them up before wrapping…oh dear.

    I have no set workout routine but I do a lot of running with intervals and I’m also taking a Zumba class right now since it involves dancing!

    Mia is totes presh 🙂

  22. My cousin had a little one not too long ago! LOVE addingg adorable little girls to the family. I just bought her some “Jellies” at Old Navy the other day! Did you ever wear those shoes? Too cute!

    My birthday is a comin’ up and I lurrrrve the place that you work… *wink* *wink* 😉

    It’s so flippin’ hot here. I may have to come visit you to cool down! haha

  23. Aww your niece is so adorable! Whit and I are going to be aunties in December, and the baby is due on our b-day 🙂

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