Face, meet book!

My face has been in the books all weekend.


Ok, I lied, maybe not all weekend – but 99% of it. I have had no life this weekend, and will not have a life besides art history until tomorrow night around 8pm. Entertain me?

The other 1% of the time was spent picking out flowers! One of my favorite things to do before coming home for the summer 🙂

Tractor rrrr (tractor noise)

What’s your favorite flower?

My Dad and I hit up a local farm bright and early Saturday morning so I could get ma gardening on this weekend.

Oh you're beautiful but my allergies hate you!

(and I totally did today after Church)

Beginning of our selection.

We spent a good hour or so there, and also got vegetables for my Dad’s vegetable garden.


 I love coming home in the summer to colorful stuff…my apartment at school could totally use my green thumb with their prickly bushes and half-assed excuses for plants. I guess it’s probably a good thing though, I can’t imagine anything surviving with college kids running around equipped with beer and Captain ahem bikes and books 😉


After a morning filled with flowers and allergies, I fixed myself a kimchi pancake with lots of cheeeeese and a little guest joined me. Meet Coco, she’s my Momma’s dog and she’s with me for the weekend while my Mom is at the beach (ugh, JEALOUS)


She may or may not have gotten some eggs 😉

Looks nast, tastes guuuud.

Laid around in the sun all afternoon with the pup and did what? Oh! Studied, who would’ve guessed?!

Study/sunbathing fuel, you know.

What’s your favorite subject in school?

I can promise you that mine is NOT art history, but I’ll be done with it after this semester.

3 art histories in one year is not kosher in Megan’s rulebook. No no.

I also found a dress this weekend for the ring dance! 

I debated putting a picture on the blog, buuuut I can’t really decide if I want to yet or wait til it actually happens 😀

I’m in love with it and have already showed prettymuch everyone. I’m a woman, I had to.

I really wish I had more to share with you, but I honestly don’t, unless you want me to start listing off Dada art movement shenanigans and how Postmodernism came to be. Sound good? Didn’t think so.

I am, however, digesting (gross word) another omelette. Girl’s gotta clean out her fridge, ya know?

Again, not really pretty, but good. And I burnt my finger,

 Enjoy the rest of your weekend 😀

Peace and love.




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13 responses to “Face, meet book!

  1. I suck at making omelettes! they always turn out as scrambles lol! I don’t really have a favorite flower.. I’m allergic to all types of pollen.. roses and daisy’s are pretty!!!!

  2. Ya for finding a dress 🙂

  3. GORGEOUS summer flowers!!! And that yogurt mix looks fab! I can’t wait to see the dress… whenever you decide to show it! 🙂


  4. i loveee flower shopping 🙂 my mom and i went last week. i love tulips and pretty much anything colorful.
    hope the exam goes well, its been ages since i’ve taken history of any sort.

  5. traynharder23

    has to be physiology. like anatomy. =D

  6. oh girl i cannot wait to see your ring dance dress! i bet it is something beautiful that will look even better on! cannot wait.

    ew hate studying so much.. it will pay off though.. keep telling yourself that! good luck on your finals lady

    it keeps dying!!
    OH MY GOSH YOUR DRESS FOR THE DANCE.. WOW you look AMAZING!! seriously, you shine with beauty meg! i ADORE YOU!! I did see the pic earlier!! goodnesss gracious youre gona have a BLAST!!!
    I LOVE YOU! praying for you during finals!

  8. I’ve become a huge fan of my environmental history classes. I never would’ve thought I’d go down that path, but it’s so interesting!

    I’m totally working down the fridge too before a trip. I’ve eaten 4 eggs, a whole red pepper, half a container of hummus, and most of a container of yogurt. Now I can leave and know that no food is going to go to waste.

  9. Good luck! I’m assuming you’re studying for an exam? Show us yourself wearing the dress! We all know how we love ogling admiring your gorgeous self!

    I love kimchi pancakes. I can never make omelettes, OR frittatas, for that matter! Mine always turn out as scrambled eggs (with mix-ins) too! (Haha Katey XD)

    Have a wonderful Sunday. Beautiful flowers. X)

  10. Love the summer pics!!

  11. Some of the tastiest food isn’t very purrty! But those flowers are beautiful!

    Sweet Summertime! 🙂

  12. I loved my psychology and health classes, as they were my interests!

    Those strawberries look delicious! 🙂

  13. those strawberries look crazy good!!
    good luck with all your art history stuff!

    my favorite subject throughout high school was history 🙂 always held my interest.

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