Babies, fires, dances oh my!

School is finally winding down. I can’t believe I have one year of college left. Insanity.I am crossing my fingers for an internship with my brother’s company this summer.  Sometimes I wish I was still in elementary school, just so I could grow up again. My childhood rocked. Still does 😉

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Mine will always be the summertime trips my Dad and I took to Busch Gardens and/or Hershey Park.

We made sure to ride each rollercoaster at least once. I dragged him on all of the puke-inducing rides too. I guess karma comes back around because I can’t handle spinny things anymore.  I feel like spewing chunks just thinking about them. Rollercoasters, though? Yes please!

 I have a lot of memories with my Dad, he’s been so good to me. My Mom as well! Blessed, fo sho! Speaking of family, my sister in law’s baby shower was hilarious, and so much fun.

Fun fact: there’s always something burning/catching fire at my Mom’s house during events like this. Whether it be popcorn, bread (shown above) or someone’s ear (because my Mom is badass at curling my ears. I mean hair…)

Colleen loved her elephant 🙂

 There were so many ridiculously cute presents….and ridiculously creepy baby dolls, what?

Hey baby Mama’s, don’t try this at home.

p.s. it’s a doll 🙂

So, when did they come out with all of this sweet ass baby stuff?

Flash foward to another amazing day/night:

Went to a bonfire and met SO many amazing people.

Hence the huge cheesy smile on my face 😉

I’ll spare you all the writing details but I also got asked to the Naval Academy’s Ring Dance by the sweetest guy ever.

He’s the one on the left end, next to me. His name is Jon and we will be dancing the night away on May 22nd 😀

Another fun fact: he’s a foot taller than me. I’m so pumped!!

Now I just need to find a dress.

I adore my prom dress and all but

a) the gown part of it is huge and hard to um, move?

b) I want a new dress

c) I want a new dress

d) This is an excuse to buy a new dress

I bet ya’ll really want some food now, don’t you?

One of the best Lara’s ever. Get on that.

Gluten freeee chicken nuggets!

And I also have a recipe!

Tangy Egg Salad

2 eggs, 2 egg whites

1/3 cup Greek yogurt

1/3 cup grapes, sliced

2 TBSP golden raisins

1/2 TBSP honey

1/2 TBS brown mustard

2 tsp olive oil

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

dash pepper + salt

1) Coat a pan on medium heat with olive oil + add eggs

2) Scramble em’ up and add salt + pepper

3) Pop the eggs in the fridge for a few while you:

4) Mix ALL ingredients in a bowl

5) Getcho eggs outta the fridge + mix them in!

6) Plop it on some Millet Bread and munch, yo!

I know, it’s pretty simple, but I’m a simple lady 😉

I’m off to relax and get some homework done so I can have my weekend.

Peace and love to you all!




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22 responses to “Babies, fires, dances oh my!

  1. That boy is ADORABLE and totally worth buying a new dress for. So shop away!

    My favorite childhood memory is from the summer. The days were spent playing in the woods behind my house, and once it got dark, we would start a little fire, roast some marshmellows, and chase fireflies to put in glass jars…I need summer, like, NOW.

  2. The elephant is adorable! I think that every time I see it 🙂

  3. Thats great you got asked to that dance! I have nooo clue what to wear though.. maybe google it?! Looks like your sisters shower was fun- my mom ALWAYS burns stuff too..

  4. Awh, you two look so cute together! 🙂 I love your smile, it looks so real and genuine.

    PS: Buy the new dress – do something great and rewarding for yourself. You deserve it. 🙂

  5. Such fun!!! Bonfires are the best, and that boy is a total hottie… you’re going to have an amazing time at the dance! And OF COURSE you need a new dress. That just goes without saying! 😉 Can’t wait to see all the pictures!


  6. MEGS U NEED TO GET YOUR DANG PHONE FIXED ASAP!! i miss your texting self!! BOOOOO.
    but oh my gosh AMAZING post- the baby shower sounds AWESOME!! yay!! and you are BEAUTIFUL!! and i cannot WAIT to see what dress you get!! you going expensive or not so much? bc forever 21 has ballin dresses!! they are cheap too!! of course, you would look good in ANYTHING.
    well im about to eat a big ole spoonful of JUSTINS! I LOVE YOU! SO MUCHO SISTA!

  7. I say live a lil and buy yourself a cute new dress 🙂

  8. There is always a way to justify getting a brand new dress 🙂 You are going to have so much fun!

    I’m glad you sister liked your painting. It is perfect for a baby’s room – i love art and you are one talented lady 🙂

    I think Pecan laras are my favouirte second to Cashew.. and maybe apple… oi they are all so good!

    ❤ Tat

  9. Lara pecan is so good yes!

    How great about the dance: you will be beautiful dancing in a new gorgeous dress:)

    And I’m so glad she liked the painting, of course she did!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  10. Ew, I can’t deal with spin rides anymore either. But I’m SUCH a coaster gal!
    Are you orig from PA? I’m just asking because you mentioned Hershey Park! 😀

    Great job on the painting. That will make such a sweet addition to the baby’s room. Homemade gifts are the bomb.

  11. yummayyy that tangy salad sounds phenomenal!! jon is a cutie you two will be having LOTS of fun!

    hhaha the ‘i want a new dress’ is good enough reason to get a new one!! my mom always says “naomi, look in your closet’ if I have an event or something, and i always say “yeah yeah, but I want something NEW!”

    do your thangggg girl!

  12. Girl, it’s been three years since prom. I think you’re allowed to get a new dress 🙂 That boy is adorable!

    Larabars…love that flavor. My only gripe is that it’s oily to eat with your fingers! Small sacrifice when it tastes so delicious though 🙂

    Hope you have a great Friday love!!

  13. I love the idea of using yogurt instead of mayo in egg salad! Thanks!

  14. I’m on the hunt for a new dress for a wedding I am going to…I love excuses to shop for fun things! 🙂

    Enjoy your last year in college…that was my FAVORITE year, I really lived it up (aka partied a LOT! haha!)

  15. yooo, you better text me the deets on this new boy ASAP…or I will be very hurt.

  16. meg.. that boy is so so cute… GOOD FIND! and he sure did not make a mistake by asking you to be his date to the ring dance as you are stunning!

    i am obsessed with that elephant picture seriously. i really want it!

  17. Totally new dress worthy. I support that. And, the boy is so cute!

    Are you from CT? I grew up in CT / RI, too!

  18. I always find myself making excuses to buy a new dress too! It’s just more fun that way.

    Oh and I agree- pecan pie might be the best flavor of larabar! Rivaled only by gingersnap, cashew cookie, banana nut… =P

  19. Your blog is such a sunshine in the internet-world!
    My favourtie childhood memory. Hm. There is so many, I had a great childhood when I think about it.
    I think spending time with my grandfather, and listen to him trying to teach little me about stars and the skies, about his passion for travelling, cooking and life.
    I miss him, as I found a piece of me when I looked into his eyes.

    The shops here in Norway have only recently started to sell Larabars, so I am quite a virgin, haha! Can’t wait to try them all though 🙂

  20. hey meg 🙂
    thanks for stopping by my blog! i passed your lovely thoughts on to devan <3.
    i've read your blog countless times but i never commented.. don't worry im coming out of the shadows now haha.
    your smile isn't cheesy! it is so beautiful 🙂 you look so genuinely happy. it's wonderful 🙂
    hmm favourite childhood memory? at the moment, nothing specific comes to mind, but i remember laughing and giggling with my sister all the time. laughing until my stomach hurt. it was so much fun 🙂
    take care you 🙂

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