It’s Okay

It’s okay to wake up extra early to get in some quality The Price Is Right watching, and snuggle time with your boo:

It’s okay to listen to Justin Beiber and Ludacris belt it out while making your usual breakfast:

It’s okay to find pictures of your lower half on your camera while shooting for an art project because you hit the “shoot” button instead of the “off” button:

(It’s also okay to be thankful for a booty)

It’s okay to snack on Millet bread 3x a day, but ONLY when topped with eggs + spinach + feta:

Don’t you worry…I balanced it out by also snacking on half a box of wanna-be PB Puffins:

They’re good, just not as good as Puffins. I picked them up because I saw the words “peanut butter” and…

It’s okay to watch ridiculous movies while reminiscing and saying goodbye to one of your friends:

New Mexico is so far away.

It’s okay to talk about times when friends end up in bathtubs:

Why yes! That is Kait in the tub.

…and to remember when seating arrangements just went terribly wrong:

It’s okay to eat more bananas than a monkey:

It’s okay to be thankful you aren’t a monkey, so you can enjoy said bananas with Panda Puffs and Greek yo:

It’s okay to be thuper duper (!) excited for your sister in law’s baby shower today so you can give her your painting:

It’s okay to be happy with your life.

What’s one thing you’re okay with today?




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31 responses to “It’s Okay

  1. I’m okay with the fact I have to study my ass off, but with home-made peanut butter granola, I can live with that 😀

  2. I’m okay with the fact that I allowed my self to sleep in this morning, that I didn’t party on a Friday night, and that I spent way too much money at Trader Joe’s. A girl just needs another jar of almond butter in her life.

  3. It’s OK to read such an uplifting post and smile. It’s more than OK, it’s perfect:)

    And I love your painting!

    xxx Julia (Taste if Living)

    its okay to study ALL day since exams are next week!! hehe 🙂
    love you tons girl! is that yo booty? if so, IT LOOKS AWESOME!!! just sayin.
    your friends are adorable ❤
    have SO much fun today!!!!! i know ill be texting you soon 🙂 hehe!

  5. loveee this! I’m okay with the fact that I buy food items.. but find out they really SUCK.. have a great weekend!! 🙂

  6. Adorable post 🙂

    Today I am okay with having bad days. They come. They go.
    Posts like this help them go away faster.

  7. Vanilla

    So many yummy eats.
    Love the puffs yogurt mess, feta and spinach combo and the face of the dog!

    The painting of the elefant is really, really well done. I love the white tone in the pink…artistic.

    I’m okay with the fact that my dad ate the last banana. xD


  8. Kait

    It’s okay to be proud of said picture of me in a bathtub
    It’s okay to be jealous of my bf’s artistic abilities
    It’s okay to call your bf your soulmate…or thoulmate (!)

  9. It’s okay to go to Trader Joe’s and come out with stuff you didn’t NEED 🙂

    ❤ jess

  10. That picture is ADORABLE, and that’s hilarious about the booty shot! LOVE YOU!

    It’s OK that I am totally indecisive and buy 4 different TV’s before actually deciding on one. 😉


  11. Lovely post.
    I’m consoling myself it’s okay to be studying when the weather outside is perfect for anything but studying 😦

    It’s also okay to eat more than the usual heapings of peanut butter…even though the usual heapings are already darn huge!!

  12. Gina G

    its okay for people to let you down sometimes. you just gotta get back up and push forward =)

  13. Jae

    awww you’re so cute! 🙂
    your eats are so comforting and delicious:DDD

  14. Rachel

    I’m telling myself it’s okay to be reading blogs when I should be working on my report…but really? It’s okay to go up to your friends and give them hugs, out of the blue.

  15. It’s okay to spend all morning reading blogs when you have 10 million other things you’re supposed to be doing 🙂

  16. determinedtoshine

    Its ok to have a slight girl crush on Meg when she is this adorable. Its slightly less ok to announce this on wordpress… but hey, you only live once 🙂

    ❤ Hannah

  17. it’s okay to be reading your blog when I really should be writing that 10 page paper I have due tomorrow. Oye!

    I want to hang that elephant picture in my room.. right next to a photo of your face!

    love you love you love you!

  18. Such a great day!!!
    It’s ok to not get in your veggies for one day, sometimes carbs and are just the bomb 🙂

  19. What a cute post! I love it 🙂

  20. Love this! Looks like your doing fab in life! It’s always a good feeling to be ok with things that are going on. Xo!

  21. dmcgirl37

    Its ok that I took a healthy break from the gym! 🙂

  22. Ahhh! I just came across your blog and I LOVE IT! You’re so funny and really beautiful. =] lol

    Not to mention, this is an excellent post!

    One of my close friends has a gluten allergy and I always get a kick out of her Gluten-Free foods. It’s interesting to see all your recipes and such. I’ll have to refer her to your blog. =]

  23. Loveeee…especially the part about the booty 🙂
    It’s okay to party and throw your hands up in the air once you’re done with classes…even if you have a Final next Tuesday…but that’s five days away anyways ;)!

  24. I’m glad you mentioned the Biebs–I love all his songs and I am not ashamed of it!

  25. peanutbutterfingers

    what a fantastic painting! your sister-in-law (& the soon-to-be born baby) will love it!

  26. What a cute post! It’s okay to go 3 days without washing or hair. Or is it? 😉

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  28. yay for booties!! 🙂

  29. healthnuttxo

    yum. pb panda puffs. i agree, not as peanut buttery as puffins, but REALLY good with vanilla soy/almond milk and banana (drizzled with honey peanut butter is a bonus if you have it on hand!!)

    one thing im okay with, is the fact I just devoured a rather LARGE portion of a jar of White chocolate wonderful peanut butter. oopsssssie!!

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