Yes, I am a bottomless pit, but no I’m not a princess…the thing next to me is,though.

Not gonna lie, having to commute this week was a royal pain in the ass, but that’s ok, I’m just lucky to be in school, right?

 Speaking of royalty, the little princess I’ve been taking care of while Daddy’s away is making panting noises next to me as if she really, really needs half of my lunch because she is obviously underfed and neglected…not. 

I think she legit forgets when and how much she gets fed.  

 I’ve looked forward to driving home each night to snuggle with her. I love the feeling of home, it’s refreshing sometimes.

You know what else I looked forward to upon arriving home?

 Watching ridiculous MTV shows at midnight about hating your face (seriously…it was True Life: I Hate My Face) and realizing how messed up the world is, seriously. MTV needs to get a new name, it’s obviously not “Music Television” anymore.

What’s the most ridiculous show you’ve ever seen?

True Life: I love breakfast with bananas, berries and granola.

The best part of breakfast, though? The aftermath:

 Sitting in rush hour traffic wishing you didn’t drink 2 cups of coffee because you’re about to piss your pants, or imagining pulling over and popping a squat on the median

 (…and maybe wishing it was a reality.)

 Also having minor heart attacks because you’re 2.5 inches away from rear ending a tractor trailor because you’re too focused on squeezing your bladder.

I’m so thankful for toilets, guys!


I’m also thankful for Larabars.

How many do I have during classes throughout the day?

 I’m gonna go with 4 or 5.

What’s your favorite Larabar?

I also have tried something new this week that I wanna share:

I’m kind of late with the whole GF bread thing.

Expensive, but so worth it. Definitely gets a 10/10.

Alright, I’m off to get some work done so I can have the weekend for fun.

Love to all! Happy Earth Day!


p.s. glad ya’ll agree that Kesha in fact does have it all wrong.



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29 responses to “Bottomless-Pit-Princess

  1. Favorite larabar has to be cashew cookie! Mmm…I’m eyeing one right now!

  2. I’ve only tried the PB cookie larabar.. they’re pretty expensive and hard to find where I live!! Your dog is sooo cute!! One of the kids I nanny for is GF, and I’ve tried that millet bread… it is good!!! 🙂 Any other good GF breads/bagels?

  3. hello my love,
    haha true life, love it!!…i didnt see that one ‘i hate my face” Lol …no its kinda sad ;P but really, really, like why do these people go on these shows its so silly! i saw a true life the other week, true life i hate my small boobs lol it was funny, but ah lets see ah the desperate housewives of NY is ridic funny, omg my favorite(on tonight) 😉 if you watch it, Ramona is so odd it is the most amusing thing ever, i can watch it like over and over, and i barely ever watch any tv!…and larabarssss hmm my favorite has to be cashew but that is an obvious answer so my 2nd favorite maybe a tie? is pistachio 🙂 i have a hard time choosing lol, my favs change like with my mood 😉 cashew, pistachio, ginger snap, pecan, coconut, lemon = my current favs lol okay i am rambling because A) i love you, and B) i am so so bored and it is raining…


  4. okay like my comment wasnt long and rambly enough, i forgot to tell you that they are coming out with new lara’s!! carrot cake, cookie dough and like a chocolate brownie one i think but omggg carrot cake? die.

    okay :X hehe love you.

  5. Your puppy is ADORABLE!! I loveeee her. I want a little puppy so bad!

    ❤ jess

  6. That puppy is soooo cute! Laughed about the “I have to pee and I’m in the car”-story…had the exact same thing TODAY! How funny is that;)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  7. Gina G

    i love the jocolat larabars! (chocolate hazelnut, german chocolate cake,etc.)
    i seen this true life “i want the perfect body” and the father was shaving his son’s whole “entire” body for this competition, i thought it was kinda crazy! haha

    have a great day girl! =)

  8. I watch pretty much any ridiculous reality show that is out there…yeah, I’m pathetic! LOL! My favorites are real housewives and millionaire matchmaker on Bravo and the Real World challenge on MTV

  9. Your dog = adorable. My terrier always act like he thinks he should have a taste or two of my food. I am not quite sure what type of dog-rights he has read, but they sure involve a lot of eating.

    Norway has finally got Larabars! I have just tried the Cashew Cookie, but it was delicious. I feel like I have a whole tasty paradise waiting for me.

    A ridiculous show? Oh, it is too many. We have one called Paradise Hotel which is basically a reality about young people getting drunk, having sex, waking up the next day wondering what they did last night.
    Then we also have a fun one where Americans come to Norway competing in being the “best Norwegian” so that they can meet their Norwegian relatives.
    Yes, we are quite spoiled with high-quality TV!

  10. Haha, I have the same bladder issues… I always need to make pit stops at gas stations on long car rides. My family has just learned to live with it! 😉



    i have a weeeener dog TOO!! NO JOKE!
    LOL!! mine is jack the weener dog!!
    oh my gah i love you- SO THANKFUL FOR TOILETS!!! I use them A LOT!! bahahah!!

  12. Megggggg it’s Kiki! Good to be reading your blog again :]
    My cat forgets when we feed her too. I’ll set out a bowl of food for her and then 30 seconds later she starts circling around my legs and glaring at me until I give her more.. so annoying!
    And my favorite Larabar is apple pie. Or the mint chocolate Jocolat? Hope you had a lovely day! x

  13. ok how the heck did you eat the millet, tasted YUCKY to mee.. and i’m usually good with different tastes haha

  14. I just picked up some PB&J Larabars and am looking forward to a long day of classes just so I can have an excuse to enjoy one.

    I seriously have to pee ALL OF THE TIME. It’s just because of the massive amounts of tea, water, and coffee that I consume daily, but it makes traffic absolutely unbearable.

  15. I love your love for larabars meg! Ha.
    And omg I so that true life I hate my face and it was so absurd!
    Loves yaa! Jenna

  16. Rachel

    LARABARS:) PB cookie/PB&J or even Apple Pie is awesome<3

    MTV really isn't much about music anymore:((( Half the time I flip to the channel, it's 'My Sweet Sixteen' and all those (silly!) shows I can't stand!

  17. Hey Girlie!!
    I haven’t read your blog in wayyy too long!! I loveee u lady! this post was awesome!..I enjoyed all the truth in your words! haha I hear ya on being thankful for toilets! I drink liquids like a crazy (coffee especially!) and LIVE for finding the bathroom as quickly as possible! hehe! I hope you have a great friday!

  18. true life I hate my face?!?! whhhat is the world coming too? that show has been on for so long, they already did the normal topics haah

    I want to get some millet bread SO bad I hear its amazing!!

    i liked the PB lara bar but my fav is the banana bread! yums so good!!

    happy friday!

  19. Ahh love Larabars. I recently discovered the Banana Bread flavor-amaze. That and the Key Lime Pie rock my world.

    MILLET BREAD!! You HAVE to try it with coconut butter…seriously, it will change your life.

    Hope you have an amazing day love!!

  20. I love me some banana bread and peanut butter and jelly flavor! yum!

  21. Emily Josephine

    Just wanted to say that i love the title of this post! one of my best friends in high school named me the bottomless pit 🙂 haha

  22. Sweet and Fit

    LOVE that pic of your dog in the doritos bag, hilarious – I feel like my dogs also forget how much and when they get fed too!

  23. Meg

    Oh my, how I love toilets as well haha.
    Fav larabar would have to be banana bread, yummmm!

    i love you’re puppy in the chip bag, so funny 🙂

    you should try the brown rice food for life gf bread – it’s really good too!

  24. determinedtoshine

    I’m coming right over there to stel your pup – too cute for words!
    Have a great weekend girly ❤
    xo Han

  25. So the millet bread is good?? I’ve been meaning to try it forever! Thanks for the go-ahead 🙂

  26. Millet bread is ammmaaazzziing! Try making strawberry shortcake out of it 🙂

  27. MMM pb cookie larabars are my favorite! 🙂 They are soo yummy!

    I hope your having a nice weekend

  28. hahaha that pic of your pup is priceless!!

  29. Sarah

    So I have two questions for ya! 🙂
    1. Do you have celiac disease? Or do you just prefer to eat gluten free foods?
    2. Do you really eat 4 or 5 larabars every day? That’s impressive! I love em too but I think I’d get sick of them if i had them that often

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