Kesha’s got it all wrong.

I did NOT wake up this morning feeling like P. Diddy. No, actually it was more along the lines of wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy just swung me across the room by my hair into the arms of Mike Tyson, who then not only bit my ear off, but the whole side of my face, then glued it back on…backwards. At least lastnight was fun!

The best part of waking up feeling like explained above? Oats:

 Dear Mike Tyson, kiss my ass.

Today I’ve still got a lot of homework to catch up on, and studying, but honestly, I needed lastnight. I needed to let loose so badly. I think I’ve just been so stressed out with school and everything lately that I’ve completely shoved my social life aside – well, not completely, but more than I’m used to. So here’s to going out again. 🙂 Other things I’ve been loving the past few days?

I love this stuff! It’s actually pretty bitter, but it’s awesome…but I’d love suggestions. I had it so far with dates, and bananas and stuff.

No, no, not Tostito’s…that thing in the bag is what I’ve also been loving. As usual.

I’ve gotta commute to school all this week to watch this monster while my Dad goes on travel. School is only about 45 minutes away from home, but it’s still probably gonna be a huge pain in the anal region…got any songs I need to download + listen to for my daily drives?

Speaking of suggestions – thank you all so incredibly much for all of the awesome ideas for my sister in law’s baby shower next weekend 😀 Seems like fruit pizza is a big hit? I’ve never made it before! First time for everything though, right? Maybe I’ll make a gluten free version too…so I can actually have some too 😉 And the “chocolate (poo) in the diapers” game – I LOVE THAT GAME! So excited so excited! Ahhh!! And yes, my Mom is so excited she may actually piss her pants just looking at all of the baby goodies. She’s wonderful.

Alright, I’m off to get a frame for the elephant painting I’m gifting, so I’ll catch ya’ll later!

Q of the D: What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done out of excitement?

I clothes-lined myself on wire roadblock running to hug one of my friends, in my defense the wire wasn’t THAT obvious…

Peace and love.




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29 responses to “Kesha’s got it all wrong.

  1. you are so funny, and so frickin cute, i love you, and i loved how you started off your post, about P. Diddy and mike Tyson LOL! ;P love you babe, and tahini ah i love that stuff! it is really good on oats + honey/agave + dates and banana or dried figs is really good! and i often have tahini and veggie wraps which is my favorite, tofu would be good in that too 🙂 and made into a sauce(tahini, lemon/limi) over rice is really yummi! okay i am off on a ramble about tahini haha 😉 any way, most embarrassing thing I have done out of excitement?…hmmm i have no clue? *thinking really hard* 😉 ummmm i think when i was like 7 i was at the beach in NJ and i was so excited to see my grandma, so i ran up to some lady who was standing backwards and i hugged her the time i remember being SO embarrest!..but now it is cute thinking about that 😉

    love you babe, and have a blast at the baby shower!

  2. Tahini! You know how I feel about that 🙂 It’s wonderful with honey and dates.. all mixed up in yogurt!
    ❤ Tat

  3. Random! I’ve totally been into tahini these days too! I’ve been eating them with cinnamon graham crackers 🙂

    That picture of the kid face down on the ground…I laugh but I feel bad. Haha.

  4. What kind of fruit were you thinking of? Like pineapple? pineapple is divine on pizza! I don’t think I have ever had any other fruit on pizza though.

  5. strawberries are really good on fruit pizza! or apples, or diced grapes! I’m glad you went out and had fun this weekend!! good for you 🙂

  6. I’m so glad you got to get out and enjoy yourself! We all need a night like that sometimes.

    Haha, my family and I were staying at a resort in California overlooking the ocean, and there was this BEAUTIFUL sunset off our patio. I attempted to go out our glass patio door, thinking it was open, and ended up walking straight into the glass… the door was closed. 😉


  7. Try tahini mixed with honey! I posted about it and named it honeyni…so good!

    Your night sounds great;)

    x Julia (Taste of Living)

  8. Vanilla

    I guess I’m the only foodie who hasn’t tried tahini! I’m late, as usual…(I tried hummus for the 1st time in march/april, lol)

    You’re so cute, and was your dog eating Tostitos??? O_o

    I loled at the wire thing…xD


    why are you so freaking beautiful? for real. you are so natural! I LOVE IT!
    I havent tried tahini EITHER!!
    i hope you are feeling better, bahah, i know a GOOD BOWL OF OATS can cure almost anything! and coffee-OBVIOUSLY..but we already talked abou tthaT!
    when do you get done w. school again?
    LOL love your doggie!!!
    okay well im pretty much in love with you ❤

  10. hahaha yeah Mike Tyson paid me a visit last night as well…good times, good times.

    he’s such a douche, huh?

  11. P.S. whenever I have oatmeal after a night out drinking I get the shits like no other.

  12. Hahaha, I know that feeling. Luckily, I’ve found that the more I eat when drunk, the less I feel it in the morning, which is a great excuse to eat pizza and M&Ms at 3 am.

    Ummmm once I skipped down a carpeted hallway and wiped out HARD, slamming my forehead into the wall on the way down. I had a huge bruise ON MY FOREHEAD for about a week. It took awhile to live that down. Glad you had a fun weekend girl!!

  13. ah as a previous commuter, I definitely understand the necessity for some ballin’ tunes. I don’t know what your into but as of late I have been LOVIN’ the new John Mayer CD.. and weezy baybay always gets me through long car rides.

    Glad you had such a fabbie weekend. Hangover oats are bommmmb 🙂

    love you so much!

  14. ahhhaha, perfect way to start off the post. LOVE. Hopefully those amazing oats made you feel a million times better!! YAY for going out and having FUN! I totally feel you on the whole stressing out situation. I have just been spending too much time on school and work and not enough time on having fun. This needs to change pronto. Thanks for the reminder beautiful!


  15. i am glad you got to let loose this weekend! i did too and it was much needed with all the schoolwork i have!

  16. You are so gorgeous!! Delicioussss eats too!

    Love Tik Tok!! It’s a GREAT song.
    ❤ jess

  17. Well girl go download all the songs I post on my blog!! That’s a start :0)

    You are so cute haha.. Fun nights are the best. Glad you enjoyed yourself and just went with the flow lady!

  18. I hear ya, School and Work are Just too much to handle lately, I think I am really gonna go crazy. hahah, and my room really shows that. Love the OATS! ~Whit

  19. Yeah, very rarely do I have a morning where I wake up feelin’ like P Diddy–haha, good to know I am not the only one!
    When I taught my Tropical cooking class, I made the fruit pizzas (mini size though) and they were a huge hit!

  20. I’ve done so many embarrassing things, it’s hard to keep track of!

    I let loose myself this weekend…we all need it! 🙂

  21. I think you get cuter with every picture! Seriously, and I never tell a lie 🙂

    That oaties breakfast side scoop of pb needs to be tried by moi in the upcoming summer months!! look at all those pretty berries.. yuumm!

    remind me to also buy myself some tahini, okay?! have fun watching the pup… just get that pandora music pumping for the carrides! love you!!

  22. Mmmm tahini is my favorite. Especially drizzled on a banana. It is amazing 🙂

  23. haha! that picture of the dog in the bag cracks me up!

  24. You should download Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA” for your drive. I know a lot of people do not like her but this song will instantly put you in a good mood as you are driving!

  25. hahahahaha i laughed so hard at the first part.

  26. kaitinthekitch

    i ❤ cara muffin and i am severely depressed that i was not next to you when you woke up not feeling like p diddy, no homo…okay, a little homo (p.s. that p diddy rant was genius and it made me laugh so hard i peed a little)

  27. peanutbutterfingers

    that pic of your dog is so stinkin’ cute!!! i love it. thanks for making me smile. 😀

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  29. I gotta say, the only thing I really like tahini in is hummus. THAT alone will use up a jar of tahini pretty mast.
    “Ohh May…” uses a lot of tahini in her recipes… have you seen her blog?

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