Bun in the oven.

….not my oven, though. More on that in a sec.

So, SO glad to be done with school for the week. I felt like I turned in my life in papers/projects lastnight. But I’m kind of glad school is stressful this semester, maybe it’s hinting me as to what the real world might be like? Perhaps. Hopefully when this “real world” starts I’ll have plenty of Starbucks giftcards to spare 😉 In fact, I don’t think I’ve gone more than two days without getting coffee this whole semester…unfortunately 😦 hey, do whatchu gotta right? What’s your favorite drink at the bux? 

By the way, it’s gorgeous outside…just a note. Kinda makes me jealous when I have class all day + night and can’t get outside at all. Come onnn summer! For many reasons…one being the fact that I don’t have to rely on 4395934 bars a day because I don’t have time for a legit meal. Proof:

You should see all of the wrappers in my purse...it's cute.


What’s your favorite bar?

Ok ok so I actually had time in the morning for this, though.

So, now that it’s the weekend, my Momma wants help planning my sister in law’s baby shower next weekend. That’s where I turn to ya’ll for help 😀 If you’ve ever been to/planned a baby shower – what are some ideas for games/prizes/activities/food? It’d be MUCH appreciated!

Brother & Sister in law, love them!

I’m super excited for them both, but certainly not as much as my Mom..pretty sure she almost pissed herself when she heard about a baby coming into the family. She might actually steal it. No, she will steal it. It’s gonna be a girl!

Ok I’ve really gotta run – going to a seminar in the middle of Baltimore…wish me luck cause I’ll probably get lost.

Happy Thursday guys!




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26 responses to “Bun in the oven.

  1. oooh.. fruit pizza is SO good!!! My friend had it at her baby shower & it was really good! also.. they bought paper cups shaped like baby bootie & put green & yellow m&m’s in them w/ peanuts and almonds (kinda like a trail mix) and a CUTE idea is to buy a lot of white onesies and have everyone color one w/ sharpies! My cousin did that and it was sooo cute!

    oh & my favorite bars are kashi trail mix, or lunaaa!

  2. Grande Soy Chai topped with cinnamon for me!!! It’s my most current drink of choice. 😉

    Congrats to your brother and sister in law!!! SO exciting!


  3. Favourite bar? Cashew Larabar.. hands down.
    Favourite strabucks? Nada.. here in Canada we go for the Tim Hortons 😛

    That’s so exciting about the shower! I don’t really have any experience in that area though.. sorry!

    ❤ Tat

  4. have fun planning auntie meggie 😉

    ahh i have no idea about baby showers-thankfully none of my friends have had one.. haha but i dont have any older fam members that are married besides my parentals! sorry boo 😦 but you are so creative and so compassionate-i know you will come up w. something AWESOME!
    Fav bar?! love the atkins PB chocolate chip bars (hate the name) and the think thin (hate that name too)
    I LOVE YOU! so sorry i have been MIA this week lovely! this week has been INSANE! still praying for you everday!

  6. Rachel

    Congratulations to her!!!! AUNT MEG! Lucky baby:)

    Haha, I stash my bar wrappers too…they’re just so…so pretty? Favourite bar? Three-way tie among Nakd apple pie, PB&J Lara and Blueberry crisp Clif! 😀 Don’t drink coffee (I know!!!) but I used to like the green tea frapp!

  7. So exiting about the baby (and baby shower!). I would say: baby blue/pink cupcakes:)

    x Julia (Taste of Living)

  8. Ooow, and favorite bar?
    Kind bars (with lots of nuts!) and Apple/Pecan Larabar…not as a meal though (way too little!), but great as a snack!


  9. I can’t wait to make fruit pizza for my brother’s fiance’s bridal shower…Janetha’s recipe on meals and moves is awesome!! Hmm..favorite bar, tough one!! I’m gonna have to go with Clif Carrot Cake or WCM. They’re not the greatest ingredients wise, but I love them!

  10. I looove Starbuck’s, but it’s SO expensive! My fav is a Lite Vanilla Frap–I’ve almost perfected the recipe by making it on my own, so I’ve been saving a lot of dough!

  11. Megan for a split sec there I thought you were pregnant and I was about to go give you a good ass whooping…

    …for not telling me first.

  12. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    yesss i love starbucks!!! soo soo delicious- i light lattes or mistos! & as for real meals- you should pack the night before for your day 🙂 whateverrr works.
    congrats about your sister!!!!

  13. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)


  14. I know how you feel, every since I turned 17, got a job, car, ect, on top of school has made me so BUSY! I never really drank coffee until this year. Whit and I have to wake up at 5 am every single day of the week. My favorite starbucks drink is a Nonfat-toffee nut latte. It is so weird because our sister in law is having a baby too! A fun game to play is where you put different chocolates into diapers and everybody has to pass the diapers around to guess what chocolate it is. 🙂

  15. congrats auntie!! that so exciting for you and your family!! very happy for you guys!

    fav sbux drink? that would be a cappucino or americano with my add in’s!

    bars? i am loving luna white chocolate macademia nut and peppermint stick!!


    Love them, haven’t tried the apple one though, because they only have a few flavours here!! I have wrappers in my bag too 😉

    Love you.

  17. Oh gosh, I can totally relate. When I was still in school I pretty much lived off of bars!

    My favorite drink at Starbucks? Well, I’m boring and generally stick to coffee (with heavy cream). But if I’m feeling frisky (haha!) I looove pumpkin spice lattes and skinny cinnamon dolces!

  18. hmm… favorite bar. im not really a bar girl, but before workouts i like to eat clif z-bars in the honey graham flavor topped with 1-2 tbsp on pb&co mighty maple. yumm.
    i also like the chocolate chip zbar warmed in the microwave- tastes like cookie dough- forr reallll!

  19. please make me a fruit pizza now! i rarely have it and love it so much.

    also… hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    my favorite bar: atkins peanut butter chocolate, cliff chocolate almond, mojo mountain mix, and cookie dough balance bar!!

  20. Awww auntie!! SO HAPPY for you and for them! My mom would have flipped too 🙂

    I have been loving clif protein bars!
    ❤ jess

  21. I love my long, confusing order… grande nonfat half-caf iced latte with 2 squirts of sugar free caramel syrup, then I top it with the vanilla sugar. 🙂

    and my favorite bar? hmmm… I do love the elusive Clif white chocolate macadamia bar.

  22. awww congrats to your sister in law!! what a gift!!!! I’ll have to ask my mama if she has any good baby shower games up her sleeves 🙂

    love you ma!

  23. prettytimepiece

    oh I am praying for lots more beautiful, warmer weather too + ample time to enjoy it! hang in there 🙂

    & mmm, Starbucks to the rescue! coffee every day for me is a must, too. I love soy cappuccinos from *bux, and their frappes, ‘course!


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  25. I really hope the ‘real world’ is far less stressful than school – if not, I’m giving up now and running away and starting a bakery/yoga studio and never looking back. That actually sounds like a great idea…

    Congrats on the baby news. So exciting!

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